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Manganese is a critical metal and element in the steel making, it improves both of the strength and flexibility of steel and is widely used in buildings, infrastructures, and many other industry applications.

Geology & Product

Our project is located in State of Para, Brazil, about 500 kilometers to the port of Vila Do Conde northeast of Brazil. The alluvial deposits of the mine are rich in higher grade manganese content, by shallow open-pit mining on a large ore deposits, with lower mining costs and higher productivity, our manganese ores are shipped to multiple end user plants mainly in China for Ferro-manganese and metal manganese production.

Transport & Logistics

The Vila Do Conde port is one of major ports in Brazil, which receives up to 60,000MT capacity of both bulk vessels and container ships. Despite the long way by trucks from the mine to the port, the local infrastructure and flexible logistics operation allow us to swiftly deliver the materials to the port and further to the end users In China.

We supply the follow grade of manganese:

Mn Min.

Fe2O3  Max.  


SiO2  Max.


Al2O3   Max.

P 0.10% Max.
S 0.10% Max.
Size: 10 -100 mm 80% Min.


Copper is an important metal in the industry and our daily life,  it is malleable, durable, strong and conductor of heat and electricity, copper is used to manufacture wires, tubes and various copper alloy products , extensively used in many industries as building materials, electronics, equipments and home appliances.

Geology & Product

Our copper project includes a mine and an electrowining plant, it is located in the Antofagasta Region of Chile, where the main economic activity is copper mining in the giant porphyry copper systems located inland, this region is the home for several largest copper mines in the world.


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